Our Prices

Our service is a premium service for both you and your pet.  Since we bring the Spa to your door, it saves you the time and money driving back and forth to the groomer.  It also means no cages for your pet and an individualized spa experience for him/her that lasts between one and two hours. We also offer typical services that most groomers charge extra for such as breath spray, paw balm, our signature blueberry and vanilla facial, we dremmel nails not clip, our hydrobath as well as we shampoo the pets twice and use conditioner.  Mobile grooming is modestly more expensive than shop prices but the savings in time, convenience and having your pet back in your arms in just an hour or so is priceless!

Our Prices

The following prices are starting at prices based on dogs that are groomed regularly (4-6 weeks) and based on the breed standard.  Excessive mats or undercoat will increase the price.

If you have a mixed breed, prices are based on the prominant breed.

The minimum price for small dogs starts at $60. For prices and available discounts Click Here to Book Online with pricing for all breeds.

Small Size Dogs:
  • Beagle $80
  • Chihuahua $65
  • Dachshund $70
  • Pomeranian $85
  • Poodle (miniature) $85
  • Shih Tzu $85
  • Yorkshire Terrier $85
Medium Size Dogs:
  • Boxers $75
  • Bulldog $75
  • Cocker Spaniel $90
  • Pitbull $75
Large Size Dogs:
  • Doberman Pinscher $90
  • German Shepherd $110
  • Golden Retriever $105
  • Labrador Retriever $105
  • Rottweiler $120
  • Siberian/alaskan Huskey $120

We groom many different breeds and can’t list them all so feel free to call about your dog, or Click Here to Book Online right now with pricing for all breeds.

We no longer groom giant breeds or dogs in excess of 100 lbs.

Discounts We Offer

We do offer the following discounts. Our schedule stays full,so to ensure an appt that fits your schedule we recommend you book your next appt in advance with the groomer before they leave.

New Referral Program
Receive a $10 credit for each new Client Referral who schedules a grooming appointment with us.

VIP Discount
Purchase 6 grooms in advance** receive the seventh one free!!
(free groom consists of a spa package only without trim). **Grooming appointments must be scheduled in intervals of 6 to 8 weeks to qualify**.

Multiple Pet Discount
Each additional pet groomed per visit receives $5 OFF their spa package purchase.

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